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Do not use my artwork stamp by diabolikal-lily
:bulletred: New Watchers <3! :bulletred:
Guys, I love you all and thank you for watching me on DeviantArt.  I'm thinking of using DA again but really only for my paintings (for the lovely full size that DA provides) and possibly adoptables between here and FA.  My other work will continue to be posted on  Tumblr  ( ) or FurAffinity (… ) accounts, but I will try to be at least semi-active here for those of you who appreciate my work <3  Thank you again.

:bulletred: Commission Update! :bulletred:
I tend to only take commissions on FurAffinity.  If you are interested you should really head over to there <3 I open slots via journal entry. 


Wolfyhero by PhoxTanks
Illustration Commission for Wolfyhero on FA    

Based loosely off of a mirros edge image per request.
[CM - Illustration] creedence478 by PhoxTanks
[CM - Illustration] creedence478
I meant to sleep before finishing this.  Whoops.

Commission for creedence478 on FA
[Blumenkatzen Adoptable] Roses for V-day [OVER] by PhoxTanks
[Blumenkatzen Adoptable] Roses for V-day [OVER]
I can't believe I finished this little bugger in time. <3

When I was making the other blumenkatzchen everyone kept suggesting rose ones but I knew I wanted to make one for ..well today. XD <3

This is going to be an auction for the rest of today. <3

Closed Species
This guy is a little kitten and fit in the palm of your hand.  He just wants to nuzzle you damn it.

Gender and other minor design adjustments can be made after adoption.
Once you buy you own.  You can trade/resell as you please.  
Please do not re-sell for any more than what you pay originally out of respect for the creator.

Blumenkatzen Species Sheet by PhoxTanks
All of the kittens can be drawn as adults if the winner so chooses.  They will grow normally to have the long ears on the chart <3

Owner : techmess [$26]

Other Kittens available :
[Adoptables] BlumeKatzchen [OPEN] by PhoxTanks
[P] Tyson by PhoxTanks
[P] Tyson
Make an inherently peppy happy character...and all ya want to do is draw them moody.

I swear I'm not alone in this...I can't remember who else said it but drawing this reminded me of it. T:

Oh well.

My oc Tyson being moody. T:  What a shit box.

Couch was originally a speed paint practice from a photo to eye ball.  Then I threw my character on it.  

It looked like it needed an ass upon it.  It was lonely.


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astroflower Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2015
I don't know if you're on DA stilll.. BUT WOW IS YOUR ART AMAZING.
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hello is anyone here?
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Emoboy777 Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2014
Love your Keved arts!
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Oooooh look at all this awesome art, *clicks on watch*
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:iconchocoloverplz: :icontort2: :iconchocoloverplz:

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